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HIV Dating- You Can Still Enjoy Life

Let me start off by saying that finally, people are starting to “get it” about HIV. That HIV isn’t about being blamed or punished and a person can contract it through no “fault” of their own. No one deserves HIV, no, not even people who catch it via unprotected sex, or drug use, and doubly so not those who are infected through medical procedures inadvertently using contaminated blood products, rape, or simply passed on in the womb from a HIV positive parent.  Even with HIV it is possible to live relatively normal life, and that includes going on dates. Of course, HIV dating necessitates honesty and sexual protection, but then again, this is something every relationship should have!

Sites such as PositiveSingles offer HIV Dating, and this is a great step forward because the biggest hurdle to intimacy with another, possible HIV negative person, is out of the way. PositiveSingles offers a safe space where HIV positive singles, and HIV negative singles willing to date someone with the virus, may connect without fear of abuse, and in an open-minded way, where HIV Dating is not seen with stigma or even seen as “impossible”.
I have had HIV now for 6 years, and found it no barrier to enjoying my life, dating or anything else you can imagine. Thanks to HIV Dating sites I can meet people who won’t have an issue with my HIV positive status and can see past it to who I am. With medical research moving forward daily, it can’t be long until this dreadful disease is cured, and in the meantime I intend to live my life to the full. I swear by honesty, and knowledge as the two most important factors in a relationship, so my advice to anyone seeking HIV Dating is to be prepared to answer questions, and have literature available to reassure any potential date.